White Holiday Special Editions!

30 Days of Soap Fantasy

When you reach for a soap for cleansing, has it ever occurred to you that this ordinary routine could become a simple pleasure in your busy days if you try a different soap?

Have you ever wondered which soap you are going to choose: aren't some soaps full of synthetic scent or some aren't exactly easy to hold shape? Or for some other soaps, when you read the list of ingredients, you noticed that the list is half a page long and most of the ingredients are hard to recognize?

Our soaps can make all the difference for you: Fresh handmade with pure and simple ingredients! Our artisan soaps will not only bring you better cleansing experience, but also add more benefits to your skin care, not to mention lift your mood with a heavenly scent of pure essential oils!

Introducing our 30 Days of Soap Fantasy series:

For 30 days, we will create a new soap design each day. You will find simple pure soap bars, gentle facial bars, luxurious spa bars, men's soaps (yes, guys need something relaxing too) and more, all with creative designs and shapes that will catch your eyes and heart! Whether you like our signature soap cubes or our cool designs, you will find that our soaps are enriched with skin-loving ingredients such as shea butter, French clay, charcoal, etc. And on top of that, all of our soaps are scented with essential oils only and without synthetic fragrances!

Would you like to add a little fantasy to your self-care routine? Have you ever wanted a perfect 30 days of simple luxury? Ok, maybe not exactly 30 days. To get a first peek of our daily new creation, just follow us on social media. We will post new soap daily on Instagram and TikTok. We hope you will enjoy those little moments of happiness along the way!